Dianna and HunterThis picture is from this time last winter. I have included it here to show you just one of the reasons we love life in the barn. Even in the dead of winter.

Hunter (the cat) came to us as a small stray kitten which the dogs had pinned down under the freezer in the garage. After hearing all the fuss, we rescued him and made him a safe haven out in the barn – hoping that he would live up to his name and put fear in the hearts of all the local mice. Hunter was quickly accepted by all the goats and in fact he seemed to have been adopted by Dianna. He spent his nights and even part of the days keeping warm on top of the goat. This turned into a win/win situation for both, especially during the deep cold of January and February. (I believe this is what Joel Salitan would call a symbiotic relationship.)

This arrangement came to an abrupt halt the very hour that Dianna kidded and had offspring of her own to care for. Hunter was no longer permitted on her back and in fact was not permitted in the stall at all without receiving a nasty bite.

The relationship failed due to irreconcilable differences and remains a statistic to this day!


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